Operation Reread

I’ve been neglecting things here since the point when work got busy for the Christmas season. It’s not that I stopped reading. In fact, I have a backog of multiple books I have neglected to review. Dangerous, since I tend to forget it if it’s not immediate, and details gradually – even quickly – slip my mind. I shall try to slip some of those in here so they do not require rereading….

Which brings me to the point of this post. This is my slow time of year. Money is tight. There are many books I read long enough ago – starting before I ever thought of creating this blog – that are so good I have been looking forward to reading them again. Lack of funds for new material encourages that. So here goes. There should be a whole series of reviews of books I am reading again and writing of for the first time. My big targets are two favorite series. Stay tuned…


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