Operation Anadyr (Timeline 10/27/62)

Operation Anadyr (Timeline 10/27/62) by James Philip is the 99ยข

, abbreviated introduction to an extended alternate history series that imagines what if the Cuban Missile Crisis had turned hot. This is largely written from a British perspective. The author has since created a second, overlapping series set in the United States, from an American perspective.

This is part of my Operation Reread, which gives me a different take, perhaps, than had I reviewed the book immediately following my first read. Obviously I got hooked, given that I have read every one to date, and have preordered each next volume as it has become available. Hooked or not, I can see why I perceived this as the least compelling volume in the series. I can also see how some might perceive it as anti-American. It’s written from the perspective of people in the world hurt far worse than Americans, who in the context of fictional events and a fictional hindsight could be seen as trigger-happy bullies. It’s worth suspending any misgivings you may have along those lines.

This first book runs heavily toward factual exposition, mainly in the form of facts laid out in an excerpted future history book/memorial retrospective. That may feel heavy and slightly dull at times, or it may be fascinating. It serves to fill you in, regardless, so we may cut to the characters and their stories. The most central characters and their interaction is introduced nicely. We also meet a few additional characters of importance. It’s just the barest of setups, in a way; cataclysm… now what?

I cannot recommend the entire series enough, starting with this fast-reading introduction.

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