Gateway to Fourline

Gateway to Fourline is the first book in a trilogy by Pam Brondos. I received the Kindle edition free as part of a special preview program for Amazon Prime customers. It is a relatively short 295 pages for a relatively high $5.99 regular Kindle price.

Short take: I enjoyed it and am intrigued enough that I might be tempted to buy the second part

, On the Meldon Plain, though not enough to pre-order it, even at the $5.99 price. But I’d rather pay, say, $3.99 for it. Book 1 is not a cliffhanger, so there is not a compelling need to see what happens next the way there could be. At the same time, you know that Nat is not done with Fourline or the fallout from the help she provided the people trapped in our world.

The story could be considered young adult, centering as it does on a financially challenged college student. It features two types of fantasy characters that are not ones we’ve seen before the way we have, say, elves and dwarves. On the other hand, it features the standard stolen throne sort of scenario, and people who use a tool of sorts that might remind you of Wheel of Time.

As expected when there is a publisher involved, it was well edited.

I definitely recommend it if the price point doesn’t bother you and you enjoy straightforward fantasy of the “person from our world enters an alternate realm and hijinks ensue” variety.

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