The Runestone Incident

The Runestone Incident is the second in the Incident Series by Neve Maslakovic. The series appears to be destined to be three and done, apart from a brief prequel that I have no plans to read.

This is a fairly direct sequel to the first, in that it helps to be aware what happened, and to know that you liked the concept and direction of these stories. In the background of all of them lurks a slow moving romance.

At the same time, the historical focus is completely different. Julia Olsen remains the delightful point of view character. The university in Minnesota, where she works, remains the central setting. The university’s time machine, used for a wide range of historical research, remains central to the plot and the inevitable hijinks.

This time it’s the Kensington Runestone, its authenticity and whether Scandanavians made it that far into the future United States during the fourteenth century. There are history lessons embedded in the fiction that I largely knew already. There is also authorial license with details we cannot know beyond a doubt happened one way or another. It is fiction, after all.

Once again, putting it down was a challenge. Since I reviewed the first book shortly after finishing it, and am doing the same with this one, you can see how closely this post follows that one. I blew through it avidly.

It is possible that you may find the build slow and have less patience for the preliminaries than I did. The serious action starts well into the book. Then again, if by serious action you think of it as climactic action, that makes sense. While these are science fiction, they are also a form of mystery. The build fits that.

Recommended, in case that wasn’t clear. I bought this Kindle edition on sale for $1.99. It is normally $4.99, the top of my preferred price range. I did pay full price for the third installment after finishing the first, and the second installment did nothing to make me regret that. I plan to read that next, despite a substantial queue of other options. Stay tuned.

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