The Far Time Incident

The Far Time Incident is the first in a three book Incident Series by Neve Maslakovic. I went into it skeptical, based on the description, but I do have a weakness for Vesuvius and Pompeii, and the price was discounted from the usual $3.99. How I liked it (and the first 16% of the second in the series, also bought at the $1.99 discount) can be extrapolated by my just having discovered that there is a third and final book in the series and bought it on the spot for the full $4.99. That’s the most I normally prefer to pay for Kindle books. I paid that despite knowing the length is relatively short, and despite having a pile of other books available to read.

Julia Olsen, assistant to the science dean at a fictional university, is a delightful, relatable point of view character. In an academic world, she is not one of the academics. While helping to manage the time travel roster, she has never gone for a look at the past herself.

When a professor disappears on an unscheduled trip back in time, destination unknown, Julia assists the campus police chief in investigating what might have happened, and whether there was foul play. This leads to Pompeii, pre-eruption. Hijinks ensue.

This was an excellent read, with unexpected twists. I’m surprised that the average stars from Amazon reviews falls below four, rather than being four and a fraction. I didn’t peruse the reviews to see what the detractors had to say. Still, for it to have almost four, most people like it, and the number of reviews is high enough that the average isn’t skewed as it can be on a newer release.

I did not notice any editing problems, so you won’t find yourself distracted by that while reading.

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