This review of Aftermath (Timeline 10/27/62 – USA) is sort of odd to write, given that I am waiting to reread the original series of Timeline 10/27/62 before reviewing those, which arguably should be read, at least the first one or two, first. The original set, starting with Operation Anadyr

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, have a British perspective. The Brits are in a hard way after nuclear cataclysm

, complicated by the United States seemingly going mad.

All of these book are brilliantly written by James Philip. Aftermath was $2.99 and is just a bit longer than the abbrieviated Operation Anadyr, designed to get you hooked at 99ยข.

Aftermath sets you up with various characters, some with familiar surnames if you’ve read the other series, and the events of the ever so brief October War from their perspectives. Where were you when the Cuban Missile Crisis went off the rails? It’s more intriguing, having read the other series, but probably not vital. We start to learn where the US was hit and how the personal and political might go down.

This book had more need for editing than I recall in the other series, if much less than the next one in the USA series. The advantage of electronic books is the ability to fix errors as readers find them. My inner editor sees every one of them, but I’ve gotten over being stopped cold when that happens. It helps that it’s hard to put down. The next one gets even more so, as I’m sure I’ll tell you again once I have finished it.

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