The Arch of Avooblis

The Arch of Avooblis (The Adventurers’ Academy Book 1) is a young adult/older children’s book by Charles Streams. I was dubious at first and at times, but overall it was an enjoyable if basic read. It is bound to make you think of Harry Potter at times, if only due to the setting and age of the main point of view character.

Dagdron is a bit of an anti-hero and can be downright unlikable at times. He reminds me somewhat of a late friend I first met at the age of 14. The academy teaches three sets of adventurer types/skills: Warriors, Enchanters, and Rogues. Our hero is a rogue, already trained from a young age by his father. Where Harry embraced Hogwarts eagerly, Dagdron goes off to school reluctantly at best. Worse, he is stuck with an effusive student warrior roommate.

I enjoyed this enough to plan to buy the second and third in the trilogy, which are bargain priced, but not free as this was. There’s no downside at all to checking it out as a free Kindle download. I also expect my eleven year old Harry Potter fanatic to enjoy it, when and if I can get her to read it.

Can a book with an unpleasant main character be worth reading, or even great? It’s been several years, but my adult reread of the Tripods Trilogy made me realize what a twerp the main character in that series was. Yet it remains a classic. YMMV.

I can’t guarantee you’ll like it, let alone love it, or even that your tween or teen will like it. It’s not a book for a rave recommendation. It is rather different, and might be worth a look.

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