The Time Bridge at Orion

Frugal? It’s 99ยข, but it’s also a short 55 pages/17,500 words, albeit packed with action. The Time Bridge at Orion is a sequel to One Thousand Years

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, also by Randolph Beck. It picks up after the events of the original book. In a way

, it’s larger than its length, because setup is no longer required.

We learn more about the advanced aliens, who are, it seems, having a civil war. This makes for a dynamic three-way encounter at the point in space where the Nazi ship does not want to be seen jumping through time.

This was gripping. It took little time to read, its length compounded by the difficulty in putting it down. I’ve paid the same for far shorter works, so I can’t complain. I might have preferred a book-length sequel all at once for 3-4 times the price, but this left me more satisfied than I would have been had I been required to wait longer and remained at the previous stopping point. Perhaps there is something to say for what amounts to serialization.

You must read the first book before this, or else it will make no sense at all. So far, I recommend the whole series, unless the genre is not your thing.

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