One Thousand Years

One Thousand Years by Randolph Beck is the book I have been reading exclusively on my phone for a few months. Let me explain. Before I got an actual Kindle, when there was a sale I couldn’t refuse, I used the Kindle app on my phone. This worked well, despite the screen size. The Kindle seemed so large as to be unwieldy at first, though it took all of a day to adapt. Once I had the Kindle, I continued to use the reader on the phone while in waiting room situations. Beats stale magazines and drug company propaganda, or just staring around the place. Selecting one book that was exclusive to the phone made it especially compelling. It turned out to be an excellent choice.

I bought it at 99¢, but it’s a bargain at the current price of $2.99. At least, it is if you like science fiction that has military and historical elements. It’s the story of a Tuskegee airman, rescued from a crash off Italy by future Nazis. You learn their history as he learns it. It’s not the history you know or as he expects it to unfold. But why?

In the end, it got almost too compelling to read only while waiting. I took advantage last night of my Kindle having an inexplicably dead battery. I was almost done with the latest Spinward Fringe

, naturally extra gripping in the last several percent. When that was done, I finished this one, also in its last several percent. Unfortunately, between the adrenaline of the charging problem and reading the climax of two excellent books, I had trouble getting to sleep. Not good, when the alarm goes off before 2 AM. I started a book that explores an EMP scenario as faced by fictional preppers, but that was too interesting, so I switched to a fantasy book where the setup would render me sleepy faster. That and I switched back to the Kindle, which had enough charge by then. Which was good, since the phone was down to 5% and needed to go on the charger as it normally does while I sleep. But I digress.

I am looking forward to more in the world of One Thousand Years. I went looking today, thinking there might be a sequel. I haven’t read it yet, but there is a 99¢ , 55 page story that follows up the main one to some degree. I bought it, and will probably make The Time Bridge At Orion my next “read on the phone” book. Assuming I don’t get impatient

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, because the end of One Thousand Years left a terribly intriguing mystery. If that doesn’t resolve things, I hope there’s more soon!

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