The Threads of Jericho

Again, not quite my usual fare, though it does fall under fantasy. It’s different, though, reminding me of comics. The Threads of Jericho by Michael A. Scheller , illustrated by Petterson Oliviera, is a mere $1.00, but is less of a bargain than it would be at longer than 104 pages.

When I say it reminds me of comics, let me add some background. I once collected comics, centering largely around titles like Swamp Thing and others in the DC/Vertigo universe. I bought almost the entire run of Swamp Thing, the entire run of Sandman, most of the run of Hellblazer, and the entire run of Preacher. Those last three I bought from the first issue.

The Threads of Jericho is a fantasy centering on characters like Death, his son, and other family in the realm of gods or mythological/supernatural beings. Solcom Jericho, son of Death, does not want to be what he is expected, wishing to do some good in the world. This does not go smoothly or without an unexpected antagonist.

It kept me engaged and entertained, and was not predictable. I wouldn’t mind seeing more along similar lines. Worth reading, if not as big a bargain for your reading budget as a several hundred page novel for $3-4 would be.

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