Before We Begin

I wanted to say more about myself, and about what you can expect here. In doing this post, though, I can see I also need to do some things like add categories.

The plan is mainly to review books, at this point mostly Kindle books, and in keeping with the name, mostly ones bargain-priced, which also means mostly self-published ones.

I could read before I started school, from early enough that I don’t really remember not being able to read. My primary genres are science fiction and fantasy, AKA speculative fiction, though I have been known to read most anything. Which is how I happened to have read The Fallon Blood many years before Robert Jordan came out with The Wheel of Time series. He had written the former under a different pen name, and I could see that it was obviously the same guy, once I learned that. But I digress. Which happens a lot. Besides those genres, I am most likely to read history, biography, and sometimes economics or business. Add alt-history and survivalist/post-apocalyptic fiction if you consider those separate genres from SF. You may perceive, even without reading it in this post, that I lean libertarian. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

My review writing experience is all but nil. I have written a couple of reviews on Amazon. I have blogged elsewhere over the course of time on what I have thought of this book or that. That’s about it. Here’s hoping I don’t sound lame. Please bear with me as I get into a groove.

My reading has been so extensive over the past year or so, I fear I will have to reread most of it to do it justice. Horrors! Having to reread some of the best writing I’ve ever enjoyed ? Oh no, save me! I am almost never sarcastic. Just ask my kids.

Finally, I am not an Amazon or other seller affiliate. Not that I object, I just happen not to be, and would let you know if I were, or if that changes. I checked on what was involved years ago and it struck me as too tedious for the benefit involved. Perhaps that has changed. Presumably I will try to link to books or items I discuss, so they are easy to find if you so desire. Additionally, I will make clear if something I review was given to me free as a review copy. I can’t imagine much of that happening, but full disclosure if it does. That’s inherent in the format here, anyway. Sometimes I download a Kindle book being offered free for a brief promotional period. For me, that makes it frugal. If you have to pay for it, perhaps it’s not going to be frugal at all. Details like that will be included.

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